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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18082010 - Happy 3rd Anny


Hari ni kitaorang punya 3rd anny...Alhamdulillah segala susah senang, pahit manis masih dapat dilalui bersama dan mudah-mudahan akan terus berkekalan selamanya.

p/s: Doakan kami agar beroleh cahayamata..TQ

{I love u with all my heart sayang}


Pagi ni bangun tido n check email, tgk dpt wish dari ejal tru emal..
TQ Jal ^_^
(kju wish for ur happiness with xxxx too) hehehehe

When You Found Each Other

When you two found each other,
you gained the finest prize:
a companion to share life’s joys,
a friend who lightens burdens,
whose company is always a comfort.
When you found each other,
you embraced the love you had dreamed of,
the source of endless pleasure
and memories to treasure.
May your anniversary remind you
of how precious that day was,
when you found each other.

Happy Anniversary!

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